Double Glazed Sashes & Draught Proofing

Where your box frames are in good condition, it may be possible to double glaze your existing windows by making new made-to-measure sliding sashes complete with double glazed units to authentically match the originals.

All of our double glazed sashes are fitted with our premium brush draught proofing system. The brush is machined into the staff beads, parting beads and meeting rail to create a constant cushion against the sash. The brush draught proofing system alone has many advantages:

  • Reduces draughts
  • Eliminates rattling
  • Minimises outside noise, dust and pollution
  • Enables a smoother sliding action
  • Increases energy efficiency; saving on your energy bills

Our comprehensive double glazing & draught proofing system has been developed by us over a number of years and is the ‘optimum’ solution to reducing noise & condensation, improving security and increasing energy efficiency.

We normally supply 20mm or 14mm double glazed units, depending on the overall thickness of your sashes. Your existing box frames will determine the measurements that your sashes need to be.

The thinnest double glazed unit that we supply is 12mm which is commonly known as ‘slimlite’ or ‘slimline’ double glazing.  It is useful in situations where the Council require that traditional putties are used.  Since slimlite units are not as robust as standard units, its use is normally limited to Listed Buildings.

Double Glazing Sash Windows, Brighton and Hove